Friday, 24 February 2017

Learning the Sounds of English

We are learning to identify the sound of English.
Every day we add a new slide with words that contain the sound of the day.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

My First Day of Year 6

I found this work easy because... Me and my classmates did a big brainstorm about how to make this a bit easier for me and everyone else. And I re-read it to myself so it could make sense and checked it with the teacher.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Kenning Poem

This was easy because I know my verbs,adjective and nouns.This was fun because we got to change the font and describe yourself. That was the easy part.We learnt a new suffix that was someone who. Some who is er. So for an example is A league player someone who plays league.

Comparing Numbers

This was easy and hard. The hard bit was to do square number. When Mrs Graham taught me it got really easy so when I was doing the square numbers it was easy. It was easy because I know odds and even. What I noticed was that there were lots of number and there were 1 line of evens and 1 line of odds.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Term 1 Week 2

The last 2 weeks we have been doing lots of stuff for the school like haka powhiri. My favourite thing was being kaea for the haka powhiri. It was quite scary. I was a bit nervous but I think I lead it really well. I was proud of myself at the end and some girls got to lead the Karanga. We had a new system with our house points and a tick chart. I think it's cool because we get to put a gold token in a bucket. I want my house to win lots of gold tokens and win the end  of  term fun day. .In every classroom there will be a tick chart so if you show one of our school values that are Respect, Resilience and Responsibility. If we use one of the values you will get a tick. If you get 10 ticks you get an award like 10 minutes of free time, or in the library and many more. If you get another 10 ticks you just keep getting ticks until you get up to 100. If you get 100 ticks you get a a big reward like ring the school bell or do other cool things.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Welcome to Year 6!


This year I am in room 20 and all boys class.
I am enjoy our class at the moment.As us boys we have to be good role models to younger students but not only younger students our year 5,4 we need the boys to show them how to behave and act around the school. We have to be good leaders and great role models around them so the can behave like the boys behave.I like my job as a P.E monitor.I like getting all the sports acquirement for our class to play hep of games.I like putting the computers away and getting them out.I like doing my jobs such as Computers,P.E monitor,Peer mediator and a councillor.

My Dream for 2017 is to get Head Boy and on the on Honours Board.I am looking forward to be getting our badges for P.E monitors and Councillor. I am looking forwards to be doing councillors things like showing visitors around and doing stuff with them.I am looking forwards to be going to camp.