Monday, 12 September 2016

Fraction Word Promblems

So we got into 2 partners and I went with Joshua. We had to make up our own question that has to involve fraction  My Reflection 
This was easy because I´m quite good a t fraction
I can now know how to make some question up

My Dice Story

So we had been learning about simple complex and compound. So we made a made a dice and write simple complex and compound.Then we had to make a story and keep rolling the dice.Then we would make a story about something that we do at school
My Reflection
This was easy because it was a made up story.
I hope we do something like this again


So all we did is that we had to pick a kite that was on our page and then we had to example the bridle centre sail flying line frame and tow point.I picked the delta kite because it looks like it can fly quite high.Then we had to make our own kite but it had to be the kite that you picked       My Reflection
This was hard because I did not know what the bridle and all that stuff
I still wonder if were going to do something like this again