Thursday, 25 May 2017

Long A SOund

My Reflection
I was learning to highlight the long a sound.It was easy because I slo mode talk the words and figer out what the long a sound was.What helped me was slo mode talking the words.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Divisibility Rules

My Reflection
I was learning Divisibility Rules.It was easy and hard.The easy part was I had help but friends and teacher.The hard part was when I had to understand the divisibility rules.I got stuck with rules but a had a friend to help me.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Term 2 Week 2

Yesterday we went on a trip to the Buddhist temple.We went on a bus to get there.All the year 6's and year 5's went on the trip.Some parents came to help supervise the kids so we can do lots of activities.We went to the Buddhist temple so we can practice our values in public and use them at school. Also at home as well.We arrived at the temple and we saw these people waiting out side with umbrella's so they helped us by not getting wet so we were practicing our manners on them.We learnt the 3 g and 4 g. The 3 g are do good deeds, say good words and think good thoughts.The 4 g are give others hope, give others joy, give others confidence and give other convenience.We started our fist activity the montro grass but we could not go on the special grass because it was pouring of rain.So we only just looked at the grass.The monks told us if we stepped on the grass the grass will pop back up like how we can.When somebody stands on somebody else they will feel sad. After our first activity we went to the orangery activity place.We made  flowers.It was quite easy for me but not for other people.It was fun because we did not have to cut out any thing out. We just had to pull them out.After that activity we went to our 3 activity place were we had to tip water on the little Buddha statue. We tipped water on water on the left shoulder and well we were tipping the water on the Buddha we had to say do good deeds.When we tipped the water on the right shoulder we had to say, say good words.Then we had to tip the water on the back and we had to say think good thoughts.Then we went inside this room were we watched a little video when the other people we tipping water.We had finish watching the short video. It was perfect because the movie had just finish in time when the last people had finished tipping water.Then we had brownies and water that they gave us and that was very yummy.Then we went into this lounge place when there was a movie.The movie was about using there values.After that 2 police men came in and they introduced them self's and asked for 3 kids to come up and tell the rest of the people the 3 g and the 4 g.I was one of the 3 people and my friend Tyreese got to be one of the 3 and a girl.We told the people the 3 g and 4 g then we got to do a little play when 3 kids and one police officer was playing by him self and we asked if we could play with him but he said NO. So were played passes and having fun until he came up and asked can i play with you. we said yes and he had apologias and said sorry what I said to you.  This showed us how to use our values.
Then we jumped on the bus and went back to school, I enjoyed it and learnt more about values that I can use.