Friday, 16 October 2015

Probability With Yahtzee

My Reflection
I was learning about probability.  We had to play the game Yahtzee and talk about which combinations were most likely and least likely. I had to look at all the 5 dices and what ever number is the same I won't take it away. My next step is to get more points.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Term 4 Week 1

On Friday we went to Rainbows end and I invited my friend Braith. Me,Mum,Aunty,Payton,Daemon and Cruz.We Went to rainbows end because we had nothing  to do on Friday so we went to rainbows end.

The first ride we went on was the dodgems and my friend Braith had little daemon first and I had him the second turn.We had a second turn because their were nobody their so we had a another turn and I had little deamon.

Next we did the pirate ship because little daemon wanted to do it. I got butterflies in my tummy and I made a bet with my mum and the bet was you had to leave your hands up for the hole time.I was fun and we sat all the way up by the top of the pirate ship.Then it got slower and slower and slower and then it stopped

After that me and my friend got to do anything we wanted to do and the first thing that we could do was go on the log flem and just me and Braith.Then when we went down the big hill we pretended  that we fell asleep.

Then we had some lunch and we had american hot dogs and a raspberry drink.It was yummy and it had mustad on it so i did not like it but i had to eat it

Then we went on the Stradivarius and it was not scary at all but we only went on the lees extreme not the one that goes around in a circle.

Finnaly it was the end of te day but i wanted to stay at rainbow end for EVER.Overall it wasthe best day ever